Funkstown Legion Dixon-Troxell Post 211




Richard T. Shipley 2020-2021   U. S. Army

Lynn F, Spalding, Jr.




Richard T.Shipley 2018-2019   U.S. Army
Michael C. Rebok 2017-2018   U.S. Army, MPC
Richard T. Shipley 2016-2017   U.S. Army
Harold "Don" Snyder 2015-2016   U.S. Air Force
Patrick F. Ham 2014-2015   U.S. Navy
Charles J. Batt, Sr. 2013-2014   U.S. Air Force
Richard T. Shipley 2012-2013   U.S. Army
M. Carroll Gatling 2010-2012   U.S. Coast Guard
G. Doss Baker 2010-2011 Deceased U.S. Army
John M. Doarnberger 2009-2010   U.S. Air Force
Richard T. Shipley 2008-2009   U.S. Army
David F. Unger 2007-2008   U.S. Army
John E. Bumbaugh 2006-2007 Deceased U. S. Navy
Gordon D. Cook 2005-2006   U.S. Army
Robert F. Comer 2004-2005 Deceased  
John M. Doarnberger 2003-2004   U.S. Air Force
Glenn “Pete” Plank 2002-2003 Deceased U.S. Navy
Lynn F. Spalding, Jr. 2001-2002   U.S. Navy
Walter L. Cline 2000-2001 Deceased U.S. Air Force
Harry L. Harsh 1999-2000 Deceased U.S. Army
Richard T. Shipley 1998-1999   U.S. Army
Andy D, Mapes 1997-1998 Deceased U.S. Coast Guard
Earl W. Bates 1996-1997 Deceased U.S. Army
Richard T. Shipley 1995-1996   U.S. Army
Joseph K. Stouffer 1994-1995 Deceased U.S. Air Force
Michael G. Mullenix 1993-1994   U.S. Marines
Walter L. Cline 1992-1993 Deceased U.S. Air Force
Robert S. Harden 1991-1992 Deceased U.S. Navy
Richard T. Shipley 1990-1991   U.S. Army
K. Lee Iseminger 1989-1990   U.S. Army
John J. Mehrling 1988-1989 Deceased U.S. Army
Richard L. McDonald, Sr 1986-1988 Deceased U.S. Navy
Robert S. Hardin 1985-1986 Deceased U.S. Navy
Walter L. Cline 1984-1985 Deceased U.S. Air Force
Frank W. Shank 1983-1984 Deceased  
Harold Fagan 1982-1983 Deceased  
Virgil Banzoff 1981-1982 Deceased  
Mabel (Motter) Southern 1980-1981    
Gary W. Fisher 1979-1980    
Richard V. Troncatti 1978-1979 Deceased U.S. Army Air Corps
Richard B. Mentzer 1977-1978 Deceased  
Clifford G. Kershner 1976-1977 Deceased U.S. Army Air Corps
Milton L. Kershner 1975-1976 Deceased  
Gerald Itnyre 1974-1975 Deceased U.S. Army Air Corps
Warren E. Oliver 1973-1974 Deceased  
Lee H. Wolf 1972-1973 Deceased  
Conrad Baker 1972 Deceased U.S. Army
Clay Bentz 1971-1972 Deceased  
Bob B. Creager 1970-1971 Deceased U.S. Army Air Corps
John A. Doarnberger 1969-1970 Deceased U.S. Army
William G. Porter, Jr. 1968-1969  Deceased  
Robert Miller 1967-1968 Deceased U.S. Army
John A. Doarnberger 1966-1967 Deceased  
Harold A. Myers 1964-1965  Deceased  
J. Randal F. Walker 1963-1964 Deceased  
Donald R. Andrews 1962-1963 Deceased  
James Roby 1961-1962 Deceased U.S. Army Air Corps
Harry Spielman 1960-1961 Deceased  
Richard B. Hankey 1958-1959 Deceased  
William H, Barber 1958-1959 Deceased  
William H. Barnes 1957-1958 Deceased  
William M. Peabody 1956-1957 Deceased  
Ralph M. Dorman 1955-1956 Deceased  
George H. Howard, Jr. 1954-1955 Deceased  
Howard J. Rohrer, Jr. 1953-1954 Deceased  
Charles M. Hartman 1952-1953 Deceased  
William G. Porter, Jr. 1951-1952 Deceased  
Robert M.Stockslager 1950-1951 Deceased  
Robert M. Brunner 1949-1950 Deceased  
Harry Bumgarner 1948-1949 Deceased  
Paul Moser 1948 Deceased  
Robert Stockslager, Jr. 1947 Deceased  
Clarence R. Arnold 1946-1947 Deceased  

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or contact POST 211 at 301-791-0211